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Chronic Friday Link-Up #24

July 1

What is Chronic FridayLinkup? Chronic Friday Linkup is a place for chronic illness bloggers to share their personal stories, inspiring messages, product reviews, or informative articles about chronic illness.   What is the purpose of the linkup? The purpose of this linkup is for chronic illness thrivers to help, encourage and support one another on our journey to healing. Chronic illness varies from person to person, but we all have the same end goal: to not feel alone and thrive in…

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Chronic Friday Linkup #21

June 10

  I am the writer and creator at Being Fibro Mom and My Fibro Journal. I am a follower of Christ, wife to a supportive husband, mother to four sweet children, and fibromyalgia thriver. Being Fibro Mom was created in 2013 in the hopes of helping fibromyalgia sufferers become fibromyalgia thrivers. My mission is to change the mantra “you don’t look sick” and replace it with knowledge, understanding, compassion, and healing. Talk with me on social media! Pinterest | Facebook…

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