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Supplying The Very Best Care For Your Support Pet

They are there for you through thick & thin, but are they getting the ‘basics’ for optimal health?

Of course you are supplying the best care for your support pet!…But are you? Just as with humans, advances in veterinary care have increased down through the years. Years ago, the standard ‘puppy’ shots, and a yearly rabies vaccine was probably the extent of care your dog received unless they became ill. Times have changed.

Let’s face it. ALL of our animals are really ‘support’ pets in some way or another. Whether or not you have any special needs (physical, emotional, ect.), those precious little fur babies supply us with love like no one else can, and everyone needs love! Although what they give to us is priceless, there are a few ways we can give back to them. One of these is to keep them in excellent health.

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Most of you know Lily the ‘support corgi’. Over the past year I have been introduced to several ‘pet health’ facts that I never knew before. A few of these lessons came the hard way (and the $$$ way!). So, in the spirit of continuing health education (and for the ideal welfare of your pet), I wanted to spend a few moments sharing with you what I have learned along the way.

You may be savvy as far as all this is concerned, and I just may be one of those poor ignorant souls who are late to the party. However there may be a few of you out there who, with all the best intentions and through no malice on your part, may not be providing the best care for your support pet. Here is where I fell short this past year, and although all has been rectified, I wish to pass on the knowledge I have gained to you:

Over the past year I learned several 'pet health' facts that I never knew before... Click To Tweet


Supplying The Very Best Care For Your Support Pet

Supplying The Very Best Care For Your Support Pet

  • What Is ‘Hard’ As Bone, Can ‘Break’ Bone ~ Dogs love to chew…obviously. Lily is a ‘champion’ chewer, and will go through any toy or rawhide like a hot knife through butter in a matter of minutes. So, I found ‘antlers’ at the pet store. Real animal antlers that break down slowly over long periods of time. Great, huh?! NO. The antler broke her back molar which ended up having to be extracted to the tune of many $$$. Test out your dog’s chew toys. If it hurts to hit your knee or ankle with it, it’s too hard for your dog’s teeth!

  • How Would Your Mouth Look If Never Brushed Your Teeth? ~ What?! Brush my dog’s teeth?…Yep! You better, because 80% of dogs over the age of three have the start of periodontal disease. The consequences of which are more than just bad breath. Just as with humans, a dog’s oral health can affect their over-all physical health. In fact, periodontal disease can cut short the life of your dog due to sepsis of the organs and other complications. Visit your vet to see if a professional cleaning is necessary, and take a trip to the pet store for a canine toothbrush and toothpaste (yes, they make it especially for dogs in flavors like ‘chicken’ & ‘peanut butter’). Brush everyday, or every other day with a vet approved ‘dental chew’ for the ‘off’ days. VET APPROVED please! Many name brand dental chews are bad for your pup’s digestive system. Lily ended up with 4 teeth removed, and treatment for severe periodontal disease in 3 quadrants. Now she’s like a puppy again. I did not realize she was not feeling 100% because of her mouth. Remember, dog’s are instinctual EXPERTS at hiding pain & discomfort!

  • Yearly Visits To The Vet Are A Must ~ Pricey? Yes. Necessary?…I’m gonna say ‘yes’. There are so many reasons for that annual: early disease detection, up-to-date vaccinations, weight checks, dental health check….ect! Look at it this way, just as with humans, prevention is the best medicine….and less expensive in the long run!

  • Pest Control ~ Do you know that Lyme disease from tick borne illnesses affect BOTH humans AND dogs? Not to mention the several other potentially fatal diseases that can affect your dog if bitten by an infected tick. A collar won’t cut it! In fact, flea/tick collars irritate your dog’s skin, and are not as effective as a once a month treatment. I get mine from the vet, but Front Line makes a good one also. And I would be remiss if I did not mention monthly heart worm medication.

Do you know that the same Lyme disease from ticks affects BOTH humans AND dogs? Click To Tweet


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    January 5 at 11:46 am

    We don’t have a pet right now, but want to get one soon. These are great tips and I am pinning this to come back to again and again. Our pets are like our family members and making sure they feel good is a top priority! Thanks.
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      January 5 at 1:38 pm

      Thank you Nikki! I hope you all are able to get one soon. All in good time though right? 😉 Have a great one!

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