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Summer’s Beginning & LDN Update

Summer is in full swing here at ALWR!

However, it never feels like summer has truly befun until after the Fourth of July.

This is probably due to the fact that summer in the desert, or at least the heat of summer, lasts until the middle of October.

The Zinnia seeds  I planted in April are in full bloom, and standing ‘at attention’ like tall, colorful little soldiers~


And of course, ‘summer fashion’ is alive & well and shining forth from the young Zoe’s toes.

I’m off to Sally’s Beauty supply to procure my own toe daisy paints!


What am I loving right now?…Summer produce!

One of my favorite treats in the summer comes in the form of sugar sweet tomatoes.

Below is a cherry tomato salad my mom used to make. This version includes jalapenos and Greek oregano picked fresh from my garden:


I have had several of you asking how my journey with Low Dose Naltrexone is going, so here is a quick update:

LDN Update June 2017

  • I have recently had my dose increased to 4.5 mg.

  • There was a short interval where I was between RXs. I did notice a difference in pain levels. During the break, there was increase in both pain as well as the dull/flu-like/achy symptoms which usually accompany a EBV flare. This is usually where one can tell if LDN is working for them. LDN generally does not produce ‘dramatically intense’ changes. Since it works cumulatively as the brain gets used to having its opioid centers briefly shut down, the resulting ‘uptake’ of happy hormones is most noticeable once the drug has had a few weeks to accumulate in the system.

  • I have noticed a significant ‘lift’ in mood, and overall mental well-being since taking a slightly higher dose.

    * Also, since a few of you all have inquired: I still have not found a new doctor, but I will let you know how it goes as soon as I do. Thank you so much for your concern! ♥♥♥

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