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4 Sly Steps To Slip The Post-Holiday Blues

Are you feeling the effects of the annual post-holiday ‘let down’?

Are you in need of inspiration, and steps to slip the post-holiday blues? As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE the time of year from October 1st to December 24th. But, as Christmas eve approaches, I always find myself struggling to stay ‘present’ in the moment. It’s a quirk of my personality to enjoy the ‘process’ of an event, rather than the ‘realization’ of the event itself.

I enjoy possibilities as opposed to realities. Thus, as the final days of the season approach, I begin to feel the weight of finality. All the dreaming, planning, and magic is coming to an end. January is quickly approaching with its yearly load of tedious vitamin & supplement flyers stuffing the mailbox, and irksome gym membership commercials looping ad nauseam on the television. Ugh. Its depressing.

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  • {BTW, if you are wondering about these videos I like to post here, the film makers pick a topic, and interview real people around Britain. Then, they take the audio of the interviews, and create clay animations to fit the voices…brilliant!}

However, all that being said, I’m really not ALL gloom and doom on the 26th. There are a still things in the days to follow that will help make that ‘Christmas hangover’ a bit more bearable!

4 Sly Steps To Slip The Post-Holiday Blues

4 Sly Steps To Slip The Post-Holiday Blues

  1. Carve out a good chunk of ‘alone’ ~ down-time for yourself, and binge watch a few of the incredible series on Netflix right now. If you don’t already know, I’m a HUGE sucker for ‘period pieces’ (yes, I admit it, one of my favorite programs is Masterpiece Theatre). So, here are a few excellent series I have been watching recently, and recommend to you with copious amounts of obnoxious enthusiasm: Medeci / The Tudors / Versailles / Vikings (find prev. seasons on Hulu & current season on History Channel…SO GOOD!!!) / North & South / The Borgias …

  2. Feeling a little ‘puffy’? The last 3 mornings I’ve woken up with no upper lid above my lashes! Ok, not really, but my sodium intake has been so high recently (with all the season’s gorging), that drastic measures must be taken. So, drink lots of water, rinse any canned food to wash away excess sodium, eliminate processed junk, and cook from scratch. The exorbant amount of salt in your body should flush out in a day or two. I for one will feel LOADS better when the 3lbs of water weight is gone!

  3. Re-visit that project you’ve been noodling for a while. Nothing helps beat the ‘blahs’ like something to look forward to. It does not necessarily have to be big or even expensive. Maybe it involves re-purposing a piece of wood furniture, or starting that windowsill herb garden. My sights are set on re-painting the master bath here in the next couple of weeks, and starting to plan out my chicken run/coop for the spring!

  4. Fast if you can (and your health permits), even if it’s a meal or two. If you have been eating more than usual lately (or foods that may not be the healthiest), it can be beneficial to give your body a ‘rest’ from having to work at digesting. It can be cathartic to ‘clean out’ by not consuming food for a short time, although only do so if health issues are NOT a factor (fasting is not for everyone!).

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Used by permission: Gemma Correll

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    I found this entertaining and most helpful. I thank you!

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      Glad you enjoyed it Julie! 🙂

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