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Spoon Soup Saturday #1 ~ ‘The Beginning’

Good Saturday morning everyone!

I’m SO PUMPED for this new feature!! It’s a chance to take a break from all the ‘heavy’ chronic illness brings, and just have fun! I figured with all the ‘weighty’ chronic issues we deal with during the week, it would be nice to take a walk on the ‘lighter side‘, ya know?

So why ‘Spoon Soup’? Well, cause we’re ‘Spoonies’, and soup is a general mess of ‘whatever ya got’ thrown into a pot & stirred up! Grab a cup of coffee, lift the lid, take a sniff, and let’s cook this thing!

A break from all the 'heavy' chronic illness brings, and just have fun!... #SpoonSoup Click To Tweet

First ingredient in the pot:

So, it’s every blogger’s dream for a post to go ‘viral’. You know, ‘instant 1 million+ page views overnight’?  So when ‘D’ told me about this, I was like, …”Are you freaking kiddin’ me? She does this, and within a day she’s gone ‘viral’ and has a booking on ‘Good Morning America’?!…Are you freaking kiddin’ me?

Then I watched it. Okay, I get it. It’s impossible not to want this women for your ‘bestie’.

Kudos to you ‘young padawan’ ~


Ingredient Numero Dos:

Sticking with the theme… ~



The Seasoning:

This I saved for the last, because when you click over to this link and start reading, I will probably have lost you for the day.

I would like to introduce you to one of my new favorite writers. If you are a fan of Jenny Lawson, you’re going to love Linda from,  ‘half a 1000miles’!  I laugh the entire time I’m reading one of her posts. She’s AWESOME!

If you love Jenny Lawson, you're going to LOVE Linda from 'halfa1000miles' #halfa1000miles Click To Tweet

Her latest:

“The Neighborhood Weirdo”


A little taste:

“My squash wasn’t growing and a friend told me I had to hand pollinate them, because I didn’t have bees. I looked it up, and saw she wasn’t just messing with me, and it really was a thing people do. So I smooshed some male squash parts against some female squash parts. I pollinated. I’m a pollinator. I don’t think anyone heard my “Bow Chicka Bow Bow” singing or saw my airhumping when I did it…” ~from ‘The Neighborhood Weirdo’

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  • Reply
    June 14 at 6:37 am

    Great idea for a series! We all need a lighter moment here and there, some days more than others! I too love Linda, she makes me roll with laughter, and that’s so good for the soul. And relieving stress!
    Nikki recently posted…Social Media Blast! The Power of the Pin!My Profile

    • Reply
      June 15 at 12:46 pm

      I know, RIGHT?! I know not everyone will get that humor, but I love her writing! She’s hilarious! Thanks so much Nikki! ♥♥♥

  • Reply
    Brandi Clevinger
    June 14 at 7:48 am

    You did you lose me with the last one. Lol I came back though!

    The lady with the mask is HILARIOUS! My husband and I have watched it a zillion times and still laugh at it!
    Brandi Clevinger recently posted…25 Successful Ways to Have a Career with a Chronic IllnesMy Profile

  • Reply
    February 5 at 9:22 am

    I’m just finding this on Pinterest now. I was diagnosed with fibro 2 1/2 yrs ago, but the more I read the more I know I’ve had it most of my life…my whole life has been pretty much trauma from the get go, I’m at a place now where I’m weaning myself off the drugs,& trying to figure supplements ( not to costly) to suffice …. any input you have discovered would be helpful…Ty Joan

    • Reply
      February 5 at 11:09 am

      Hi Joan! Welocme here! You may want to read the articles I have posted about LDN (low dose naletrexone). It is a drug, but with extremely low side effects. It helps over time to heal your immune system. It’s the only drug I have ever taken for FMS, so I know what you mean about wanting to go as natural as possible. Thanks for commenting, and have a wonderful week! 🙂

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