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5 Self Care Tips For Extreme Circumstances

October 13

In need of a little extra TLC due to a time of intense physical exertion?

Below are 5 self care tips for extreme circumstances. I felt this would be a timely post considering the holidays are right around the corner. When can the holidays not be described as ‘extreme’? Even for those of us (like ME!) who love this time of year, having a chronic illness does require a bit of ‘pacing yourself’, as well as good self-care.

I also feel especially qualified to give a bit of advice in this area due to the fact that my sister-in-law and I have finished Phase 1 of my house painting project! There are a few minor things left to do: install new light switch covers, 2nd coat of paint on baseboards, hanging a few more pictures, painting hallway linen cabinet, ect. The major section of the house is done though, and looking good!

A short ‘rant’ on the previous paint color:

  • Browny taupe that tended to turn ‘pinkish’ in certain light…yeah, so I HATE pink hues on the wall. Classic painting mistake: choosing a color from a tiny color tile alone, and not understanding undertones…there is more than just one color in your paint, and it will come out when slathered all around your ‘x’ amount of sq ft. walls.

  • Walls that shine!…My pain rule #1?–Use the ‘proper sheen’ for the ‘proper purposes’. In my opinion, your main living walls should not reflect light back at you. They should absorb light and glow. The person who painted before us used a semi-gloss on the walls….looks like baby oil smeared on every wall surface…just say NO to walls that shine. ‘Flat’ may be impractical for cleaning purposes, so go 1 up from that.

  • No one listened to what the house was asking for…No, I don’t believe the house literally speaks (I’m not that far gone… yet). But, I do believe every house has a color that suits it based on space, size, angles, floor type, light, ect. I first picked the color ‘Wool Skein’ that all the designers RAVED about. I mean, just based off the research I did, THIS WAS IT! This color did everything but make you dinner at the end of the day…On my walls?…It looked like that particular section of the house had a stomach ache. It showed up a pea-soup-gray-green. I went back to the color of my heart that I had seen months before. Valspar calls it ‘Cream In My Coffee’, but the Sherwin Williams equivalent is ‘Crisp Linen’. THIS was the color my house was asking to wear.

Having a chronic illness does require a bit of 'pacing yourself', as well as good self-care. Click To Tweet





Okay, enough about my ‘fussy’ opinions on decor! Let’s talk self-care. Below is a list of tips that I both used, and wished I had used during the past week. It is so important for us to remember that although it can seem at times good self-care is just ‘one more thing’ to do, the reality is if we take good care of ourselves, we can participate in activities longer and with more enjoyment.

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It can seem at times good self-care is just 'one more thing' to do, but with it, we can enjoy life… Click To Tweet

5 Self Care Tips For Extreme Circumstances

5 Self Care Tips For Extreme Circumstances

  1. Meal Planning ~ make sure to have frozen meals ahead of time, or enough $ to buy dinner that night. You WILL NOT feel like cooking after a long day of physical exertion.

  2. Time For ZEN ~ just kidding, but do try to carve out a half hour to do nothing but lie down and rest with dim lighting and soft soothing sounds in the backround at the end of the day…trust me, you’re gonna need it.

  3. Allow Help ~ I’m terrible at this. I’m the “No, I’ll do it myself” type. If you are like me, you’ll have to go against your grain, and accept the offers of help with clean-up or whatever. This will turn our to your advantage…really.

  4. Art Of The Process ~ Rather than focus on the end goal at all costs, learn to enjoy the process as it is happening. This is especially important when others are involved. which leads to:

  5. Enjoy ~ Whether it’s a get-together or a project, make sure you keep the main thing the main thing. In other words, it will be ‘the people’ and ‘relationships’ that hold value, not the ‘thing’ itself. So keep your cool, let things go, and remember that stuff will get done. But it must never be at the expense of others.

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  • Reply Alysha October 13 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks for this Kristine, I’ve just had family staying for a week and love them to bits but it is draining. Luckily for me they are the ones who roll their sleeves up and help out. I am the same in that i won’t ask for help, I prefer to do it my way but I am learning that things don’t need to be perfect they just need to be done. 🙂
    Alysha recently posted…Do our dreams become reality?My Profile

    • Reply kristine October 14 at 8:54 am

      Ah ‘perfection’, such a cruel task master! HAHA! I know what THAT’S like! Glad your family is helping out, that makes a huge difference. 🙂

  • Reply Alysha October 13 at 4:25 pm

    Love the paint color too by the way!
    Alysha recently posted…Do our dreams become reality?My Profile

  • Reply Dianna October 14 at 10:08 am

    Kristine, I recently found your blog a few weeks ago via Pinterest and have been visiting you ever since. Today I decided I should let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004. I think the thing that I so appreciate about visiting with you is the fact that you are not a whiner when it comes to your chronic pain. What a blessing! Our mindsets seem to be more on how we can still live a productive life. These five self-help things you’ve listed today is a prime example! Thank you so much for the time you give to share with others.

    The paint color is beautiful! It really brightens up things…and don’t we need that…especially with winter approaching. 🙂

    • Reply kristine October 16 at 12:31 pm

      Thank you so much Dianna, that is a very sweet comment 🙂 Believe me, I complain as much as anyone, but not writing about it (so it spreads around) is a choice. I only ever write from actual personal experience, so I like focusing on the positive side of things because that helps me out too! So glad your’re here! Looking forward to talking with you again 😉

  • Reply Karen October 16 at 11:20 am

    Your paint makeover looks great! I completely understand about paint looking different when you get it on the walls. We just went through renovations and picking out a simple cream color to match the new granite countertops and backsplash was much harder than we anticipated! In fact it was terrible! We went through so many samples of paint and painted lots of stripes on the wall. Most did not look like the paint chip when on our walls. Talk about stress and pain flare-ups! Finally ended up with one that worked. Stress is so bad for our health, but sometimes there is no way around it. But self care during times of stress is key. Thanks for the great tips! I could have used them!

    • Reply kristine October 16 at 12:28 pm

      So glad you finally found a color that works! Its a common mistake people make and understandably so. I mean, its just ‘paint’ right? But there is so much more to pain than most people realize. I have the advantage of my husband working for a paint company, so I’m privy to all the little ins and outs. A quick Google search will give that information too though. Cream is tricky, just like white. It can have red in it, or green, or blue, or orange! Paint can drive you crazy! 🙂

  • Reply Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories October 16 at 6:17 pm

    We just painted our downstairs 2 story room and it was a major undertaking and I had to take a week to recover but it feels so much better. Thanks for sharing and hosting Small Victories Sunday linkup with us, so glad to have you on our team!
    Tanya @ Mom’s Small Victories recently posted…Small Victories Sunday Linkup {124}My Profile

    • Reply kristine October 18 at 4:36 pm

      Glad it came out great! Thanks Tanya 😉

  • Reply Claire October 17 at 6:25 am

    I do find the evenings I end with a soak in a relaxing bath I sleep better than the ones I have to tear myself away from social media at bedtime! good tips x #smallvictoriessundaylinkup
    Claire recently posted…Creepy Halloween Jelly Recipe!My Profile

    • Reply kristine October 18 at 4:35 pm

      AH! The ‘social media at bedtime’ dilemma! Do it every night too! 😀

  • Reply Valerie October 18 at 6:36 pm

    I love this! We just painted our living room and kitchen cabinets this August. It drained me for a solid month afterwards.But, so worth it in the end. I love your paint color by the way!
    Valerie recently posted…Honey Colony’s Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp OilMy Profile

    • Reply kristine October 19 at 9:14 am

      Thank you Valerie! WOW! The kitchen cabinets, huh? I’d MUCH rather do the walls and trim. Cabinets are a huge pain in the behind! But I bet they look great 😉

  • Reply Tuned In Parents October 19 at 12:41 pm

    Kristine, this is always a timely post, particularly for mothers — who do it all, often forgetting to do for ourselves (and, as you mentioned, with the holiday season approaching). I’ve already tweeted it and have followed you. Now emailing friends who I know need to read this NOW. 🙂 ~Elle
    Tuned In Parents recently posted…Parenting with Cancer: 7 Unforgettable Life LessonsMy Profile

    • Reply kristine October 19 at 3:54 pm

      Thank you so much Elle! Glad you’re here 🙂

  • Reply Brittany W October 22 at 8:22 am

    Allowing help is really important. I definitely don’t allow help enough!
    Brittany W recently posted…What to Expect During a HIDA ScanMy Profile

    • Reply kristine October 23 at 8:39 am

      True Brittany! It can be hard 😉

  • Reply Nikki October 22 at 10:27 am

    So like your choice much better! Don’t you hate it when it comes out totally different than what you planned? And you have to do it twice or three times. LOL Been there. But, your end color is gorgeous, and yes, you home was begging for that color.

    Thanks for sharing your tips for self care. I have to make time for it, or everyone suffers. Ain’t no one happy when momma’s not happy! LOL
    Nikki recently posted…Gifts for a Crafter or DIYer-Holiday Gift ListMy Profile

    • Reply kristine October 23 at 8:40 am

      Thank you Nikki! Paint can be really tricky for something that seems so simple! 🙂

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