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Frugal Spoonie Fridays / Regrowing Vegetables In Water

Saving money on organic produce by simply regrowing vegetables in water is music to my ‘Frugal Spoonie’ ears!

Regrowing vegetables in water?…Whaaat?!?!? Who knew you could do that?!  I  thought vegetables had to be grown outdoors, in dirt, and from seeds.  Now you’re telling me I can grow vegetables from the ones I have in the fridge, and all I need is water? Well, this little money-saving nugget of information is a game changer!

The idea of growing my own food has always intrigued me.  I grew a row of beautiful zucchini plants, 3 different herbs, and a row of eggplants last spring.  It was like a dream!  I was so proud of my ‘crop’. Visions of delightful recipes made from delicacies embraced in the nourishing arms of the Earth, and nurtured to the peak of perfection by my horticulturally skilled hands danced in my head.

Regrowing vegetables in water~Frugal Spoonie Fridays

That is until the landscapers thought my baby eggplants were weeds, and pulled them up like so many immature mandrakes.   My parsley turned into a ‘seeded’ montrosity then died, and my zucchini plants met a swift and untimely demise at the ravenous mercy of a rogue gang of ‘squash bugs’.  I was convinced I had a black thumb.


BEFORE: The ‘salad days’, if you will…...

AFTER: 'The horror...the horror...'

AFTER: ‘The horror…the horror…’

Once bitten twice shy, so they say.  Needless to say, trying my hand at something a little ‘safer’ sounds like a wise move:

Easy/Low Risk Gardening ~ Regrowing Vegetables In A Water Garden 

(idea borrowed from Don’t Waste The Crumbs)

CELERY~ Cut off the celery stalks leaving approx. 2″ of the bottom bulb.  Place bulb in small bowl of water and check levels every 3-4 days.  New celery will grow from middle of bulb.


GREEN ONIONS~  Leave the white bottom portion and roots intact.  Place in glass of water.  


LEEKS~ Cut 2″ off stalk and place in glass of water.  Use new green growth to add mellow onion flavor to dishes.

CARROT GREENS~ The carrot itself will not regrow, but if you cut the top part off and place it in a shallow bowl of water, the greens will contiue to grow.  Chop and add these to soups, salads, and pesto recipes!


ROMAINE LETTUCE~ Cut off bottom of head of lettuce and place in small bowl of water.  Check levels every 3-4 days.  New growth begins in days, and 1/2 head should be ready to harvest in 2 wks.


Will you be able to go to the Bahamas on what you save growing a few of your own vegetables?  Well, no, but every little bit helps!  Plus, regrowing vegetables in your own little water garden is an inexpensive, simple pleasure to raise your spirits and nourish your body.


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  • Reply
    Joanna @mumbalance
    May 5 at 2:48 am

    It sounds like some black (green?) magic. Worth giving a go though 🙂
    Joanna @mumbalance recently posted…Bloggers, are we really there for our children?My Profile

    • Reply
      May 5 at 5:05 am

      HA HA! True Joanna! It works though 😉

  • Reply
    Brandi Clevinger
    May 6 at 5:34 am

    These tricks do work, but I didn’t know carrots did, too. How neat! We do the green onions because we eat lots of them, but we can only regrow them about three times. More than that and they loose flavor. It’s a great way to stretch a dollar!

    Thanks for sharing at Chronic Friday Linkup! I pinned this to the linkup board.
    Brandi Clevinger recently posted…How You Can Help Cap the CoPay for MedicationsMy Profile

    • Reply
      May 6 at 10:07 am

      Good to know Brandi! Remember though, only the ‘green’ on top will grow from the carrot. Otherwise, they still need to be grown in dirt 🙂

  • Reply
    May 6 at 11:17 am

    We don’t have a garden yet, but I love any tips and tricks I can find that will make the process in the future a bit easier:) Thank you! I found your blog through The Foodie Friday and Everything link party.

    • Reply
      May 6 at 12:59 pm

      Your are so welcome Nena! Start your garden simple, and indoors if necessary. I was too ambitious in the beggining and became discouraged. But now I have lovely rosemary and greek oregano that I’ve cooked with 2x’s this week. It’s very satisfying. Good Luck! 😉

  • Reply
    Deborah Davis
    May 9 at 7:09 pm

    I am so delighted that you shared your healthy, green and delightful post about Regrowing Vegetables In Water with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!
    Deborah Davis recently posted…It’s Party Time at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop #110My Profile

  • Reply
    May 10 at 3:48 am

    I am not very good at growing anything, black thumb here. Didn’t know you could just put them in water and regrow some of them. That’s awesome. Might have to give it a go. #sharewithme

  • Reply
    May 10 at 5:07 pm

    We did try romaine, and we did get about 4 inches of regrowth. Really cool. I didn’t realize that there were more veggies to try! Thanks for the scoop! How cool.
    Nikki recently posted…Social Media Blast-Pin It Baby!My Profile

    • Reply
      May 10 at 9:01 pm

      You are welcome Nikki, good luck! 😉

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