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Operation Comfort & Joy !

The season of joy & hope is upon us!

This holiday season I have started a fundraiser to purchase & distribute these WONDERFUL coats that turn into sleeping bags to the homeless here in the Phoenix area.


Would you be SO kind as to check it out, and then help to make this Christmas Eve a warm & comfortable one for someone on the streets and in the cold.

Even the SMALLEST amount will get us closer to our goal! God Bless You, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Donate Here: Operation ‘Comfort & Joy’

Excerpt from my fundraiser ‘Operation: Comfort & Joy’ :

The forecast called for a temperature drop of 10 degrees, taking the city into the high 30’s.

A strong and bracing rainstorm was also predicted to pass through the area around 10pm. It was the night of Christmas Eve.

Those of us here in the Valley Of The Sun, where temperatures have been known to climb to 90 degrees on Thanksgiving, were THRILLED with the possibility that the weather would help usher us into an authentic and festive holiday mood!

I hurriedly went to find my husband to exclaim the good news, “We’re going to actually have a ‘cold’ Christmas Eve! Isn’t that wonderful?!”

But my excitement was diminished when I remembered the homeless gentleman who could be found traveling the mile long stretch of road near our home everyday.

Pushing his shiny metal grocery cart filled with hand drawn signs that exclaimed his beliefs to all those passing by, I had to wonder to myself, ‘How would he be spending this night we celebrate the birth of the Christ?’

Would he be able to find a way to stay warm and dry? Or will he be huddled beneath a dripping overhang in the alley way between two stores, working to find a way to make it through another wet, and painfully bone-chilling night?


I mentioned to my husband that although I was happy we would experience a genuine holiday atmosphere, I could not help but feel guilt at the same time, thinking about all those out there on the streets who would spend this ‘holy’ night in frigid misery.

He said to me, “Well, don’t waste time on ‘guilt’. It’s a useless emotion that does not accomplish any good. Instead, ‘do something’ about it.”

That stopped me in my tracks. Since that night two years ago, I have been contemplating the best way to bring a small amount of relief to those who, for whatever reasons, are wandering these dark and cold streets at night.

Then I found the answer in the form of the EMPWR Coat! It is a water-resistant jacket, which can transform into a sleeping bag, or be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag when not in use.

The coat is constructed of durable, water-resistant Cordura fabric from Carhartt, upcycled automotive insulation from General Motors, and other materials provided by generous donors. Each coat costs $100, which covers; the cost of labor, materials, and over-head expenses. (Plus an additional $80 for shipping bringing the total cost of 10 coats to $1080) My goal is to raise enough funds to order 10 coats which we will distribute on Christmas Eve to whomever we find in need.

REMEMBER: Guilt is a waste of time. Don’t feel ‘guilty’ for all you have been blessed with…instead, BE THANKFUL!

Then, out of ‘thankfulness’, SHARE with others who are in need!

Will you join with me in giving the wonderful gift of ‘warmth’ and ‘comfort’ to someone this Christmas Eve? Donate ANY amount you wish!


Donate Here: Operation: ‘Comfort & Joy’

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