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How To Keep Living Life In Spite Of Fibromyalgia!

Chronic illness does not have to be the death knell of all you loved ‘pre-diagnosis’!

Living life in spite of Fibromyalgia is a state of mind you come to in time. Chronic illness will take its toll no matter how ‘positive’ your thinking is. However, we have more control over the degree to which that happens than we think we do.

We can develop a ‘myopic outlook’ concerning FMS that often leads us down a rabbit hole of symptomatic focus, and there is a time for that. Especially in a flare, our thoughts cannot help but be dominated by the immediate needs our bodiesΒ clamour for. But, our lives do not have to be controlled by the dictatorship of the disease!

We can develop a 'myopic outlook' concerning FMS leading down a rabbit hole of symptomatic focus. Click To Tweet



Taking full advantage of the times when you feel well enough to tackle life again becomes a skill the chronically ill rapidly learn. I often have a list of things I want to accomplish waiting in the wings. Then when I get a day (or string of them) where I feel good enough, I jump in with both feet!

They may be few and far in between, but the relatively pain-free days do come. It’s during those times that you can re-visit all you used to be able to do ‘pre-disease’. Right now I am re-painting the entire house. I have my WONDERFUL/ENERGETIC/NEVER TIRING/OH SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME sister-in-law helping me! (More on this in coming posts) Here are a few things I’m learning along the way so I don’t kill myself doing what I love.

Take full advantage of the times when you feel well enough to tackle life again! Click To Tweet

How To Keep Living Life In Spite Of Fibromyalgia!

How To Keep Living Life In Spite Of Fibromyalgia!

Don’t be ashamed to take frequent breaks ~ Better to go slow & steady so you can endure longer, rather than burn out quickly because you plowed through like a maniac. Listen to your body.Β 

If you ‘caffeinate’, ‘hydrate’ as well! ~ Remember to drink plenty of water. It is easy to get distracted with what you are doing, and forget to take care of basic needs like healthy eating and drinking H2O. You’ll last longer by taking good care of yourself.

Don’t let yourself be a slave to a timeline ~ Often our harshest task master is ourselves. It may be that in the past we were able to finish it all in a night or couple of days. Now however, it is SO IMPORTANT to pace yourself! Allow for a project that should take a week to 10 days to complete to maybe not get done for several months. It is OK to do a little at a time rather than hurt yourself because of some self-imposed timeline.

Have FUN today everyone! Take care of yourself though. Tomorrow is another day! (and you’ll want to be able to ‘walk’ when it comes!)


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    October 16 at 12:03 pm

    Kristine, great post! Forgetting about how much less time certain projects used to take is a must!

    • Reply
      October 16 at 12:24 pm

      I find myself in that predicament often. I start a project and then realize too late how much time was required! But, by that time I’m already in and have no choice but to finish! πŸ™‚

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    September 12 at 11:46 pm

    Another great article when I was searching Google! Thanks and looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

    • Reply
      September 13 at 10:48 am

      Thank you Tracie! Glad you found your way here πŸ™‚

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