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Heal Them with Kindness {and yourself too} ~ Scientific Proof Of The Healing Power Of Kindness

We are living in a time where kindness has become a rarity.  With the Internet came the ‘dawn of the age of anonymity’.  Thoughts, comments, and judgments are made almost instantaneously without thought to consequence or repercussion.  Little thought seems to be given to what happens after the off button is pushed.  You are unseen.  There are no eyes to look into, no face to be held accountable to, and no words to be heard in answer to your intent.  Words created online can become a toxic brew thrown in the face of one that will never be seen, and therefore never have the risk of confrontation contended with.

Scientific proof of the healing power of kindess

On the other hand, there is an opportunity now that has never before existed in the  history of the world.  The power to reach out to millions at any given time with thoughts and ideas of wisdom, encouragement, accord, and kindness.  The ability to affect others for both good, or evil has become manifold.  The effects on both yourself and others are powerful.

A doctor by the name of Masaru Emoto performed experiments to determine the outcome of the spoken word on water crystals.  When spoken to with good thoughts and intentions, the water crystals formed positive and beautiful shapes.  When harsh words with harmful intent was voiced at the water, the outcome was destructive.  Below are photos of  the crystals experimented on:

kind water2

The human body is made of 60% water.  Words have power.  Our words have power in them to both heal and destroy.  We tend to think our words are merely ‘outward’ flowing, but our words also effect us internally.  Scripture tells us of the healing benefits in words:

kind proverb

Being kind in our interactions benefits not only those around us, but us as well.


In the next three upcoming posts, I will be creating a recipe featuring the incredibly delicious jams and fruit spreads from Aunt Becky’s Special Jams, Fruit Butters & Sauces. (see advertisement to the right in side bar).  Aunt Becky has generously sent me three different offerings from her arsenal of sublime delicacies!  I will post 1-sweet, 1-savory, and 1-cocktail.  Today’s recipe features Aunt Becky’s Raspberry Pear Brandy Jam .  Believe me when I tell you these jams are EXCEPTIONAL!  Buy a few jars and treat yourself to a luxurious taste experience.  And be kind to others on your gift-giving list this season!  These will make wonderful gifts you can be proud to give~

Raspberry ~ Pear Brandy Jam Crumble Bars


~2 stick butter

~3/4 cup sugar

~1 tsp vanilla

~2 1/3 cup flour

~1/2 tsp sea salt

~ 1 jar Aunt Becky’s Raspberry/Pear Brandy Jam

~2/3 cup granola (no fruit or nuts)

~1/4 cup slivered almonds

~powdered sugar for dusting

Combine butter, sugar, and vanilla until just incorporated.  Sift together flour and salt and add to butter mixture while mixing on low.  Press 2/3 of mixture into a 9in square pan, pressing up 1/4 of the way on sides.  Spread jam leaving 1/2 an inch on sides.  Take remaining butter mixture and with hands mix in granola.  Drop pinches over top of jam and sprinkle almonds over.  Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Cool completely, cut in squares and dust with powdered sugar.

{adapted from Ina Garten’s Raspberry Crumble Bars}




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