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5 Tips For Enjoying Thanksgiving In Spite Of FMS

November 10

Is it truly possible to get through a holiday without exhausting yourself, and triggering a flare?

Let’s figure out a way of enjoying Thanksgiving in spite of FMS this year, shall we? Okay, ‘2 days after’ (you know what I’m referring to). I refuse to even mention it here. I am simply done talking/reading/fuming/arguing/laughing/crying/cheering/vomiting ect. about it. Don’t wanna hear it.

Now that I’ve mentioned the unmetionable, let’s have a little FUN….hmmm? So, it’s no secret that I LOVE the months of Oct-Dec. And we’re about to come upon the second ‘Trifecta Holiday Organza’ of the year…THANKSGIVING! Now, don’t groan (I heard you)! We can do this! What’s more, we can enjoy ourselves, and have fun at the same time.
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5 Tips For Enjoying Thanksgiving In Spite Of FMS

    1. Share The Load ~ DO NOT make the meal all by yourself! ‘Pot Luck’ it up! I’m sure someone else can make the mashed potatoes/green bean casserole/rolls ect. besides you. I’m as guilty as anyone else of trying to do everything myself. Or better yet, go to someone else’s house!

    2. Prepare The Troops In Advance ~ Write out your menu. Is there anything that can be made or stored in advance? On the days leading up to Thanksgiving you can find me; opening olives, plating relish, making stuffing ect. Everything that gets made and/or opened in advance simply gets a plastic wrap, and goes into the fridge until it is ready to use. In fact, some things like stuffing and salads, taste even better marinating in the ice box for a short time.

    3. Oh The Joys Of Alcohol! ~ You may or may not drink. If you do, keep it limited to wine spritzers (heavy on the spritz), or some other kind of drink mixed with club soda. This allows you to sip without piling on too many more calories to an already ‘carb heavy’ day. Drink PLENTY of water! It’s the dehydration that causes all of alcohol’s nasty side effects.

    4. Pace Thyself! ~ Look, I have about 9 house projects I would love to have finished by that Thursday. Realistically, I’ve had to whittle that down to about 4. Is it my ideal? No. On the other hand, it does take a mental weight off of my shoulders knowing that I have fewer items to tackle on my list. This applies to any number of tasks coming up in the next few weeks; cleaning, cooking, yard work, ect. It truly is OK not to get everything done. A ‘job well done’ with the ability to continue to function into December, is far better than a unobtainable ‘pursuit of perfection’ that will throw you into a state of fatigued pain for the rest of the festive season.

    5. Putting ‘Perspective’ In Perspective ~ Focus on what there is to truly be thankful for. The bad stuff will aways around, but it seems to be true that those ‘things of  genuine value’ are the ones that leave us all too soon. So, pay attention to the ‘fleeting treasures’ around you this Thanksgiving. In doing so, we just may find that our FMS takes the backseat where it belongs!


Photo courtesy of: Lessons Learned In Life

Photo courtesy of: Lessons Learned In Life


5 Tips For Enjoying Thanksgiving In Spite Of FMS
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  • Reply Kathy November 10 at 10:50 am

    I love this post, Kristine! The Snoopy video brought back memories and the lessons learned in life quote was inspiring. I love your photos and your words. So glad I found you.

    • Reply kristine November 10 at 7:14 pm

      Thank you Kathy!! Right ?!?!? ‘D’ is going to be 51 next week, I’ll be 50 in March, and we STILL watch Snoopy before the 3 holidays! ♥ it! Glad you’re here 😉

  • Reply Cat aka TimeyWimeyGirl7 November 10 at 10:53 am

    Fantastic tips! this is the first year that I am home with my family in over 20 years! I was going to have everybody come to my house but my uncle is allergic to cats so we have to go to his house and I have to say I am thrilled!
    It’s a 2 Hour Drive one way so it’s going to be four hours of driving that day ,so that’s gonna be a little bit of an issue but I find that if I nap during that time it isn’t as bad later. All I have to make is a couple of pies ,that I buy &stick in the oven, mashed potatoes which are going to be made there and actually my uncle wants to make them so I just have to bring the stuff & finally my wonderful deviled eggs which are so simple and take barely any time. I don’t have to stand at the stove and watch them. That’s it ,that’s all I have to do this year and I am so happy that it’s not all on my shoulders and I can actually enjoy the time with my family! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yours too!

    • Reply kristine November 10 at 11:31 am

      Sounds wonderful Cat! I’m glad you have plans that sound like minimal work for you…(YAY for cats!! LOL!). Thank you so much, and I hope you have a truly wonderful one too! ♥♥♥

  • Reply Cheryl November 22 at 1:45 am

    We traveled to Reno where our 2 older daughters live with their spouses. Our youngest daughter, her disabled medically retired legally blind former Marine husband and our two darling granddaughters travel from SoCa. We actually bought a memory foam topper purchased just for oldest daughter’s guest bed as I wake in awful pain. I made two crab quiches and a pumpkin French toast casserole to bring, frozen. My husband always cooks and we bought his Traeger in the back of our truck to smoke the turkey! I generally feel better when I leave Humboldt County where I live.

    • Reply kristine November 22 at 5:30 pm

      I know what you mean Cheryl. I’m not sure what it is about a change of scenery, but it helps me too. BTW, a ‘pumpkin French toast casserole’?! YUM!! Have a wonderful one ♥

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