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Drug Resistance And Bacterial Infections ~ What Happens If Your ‘Go To’ Stops Working?

What’s all the ‘hub bub’ about ‘super bugs’?

Drug resistance and bacterial infections were on my mind this past week. Why? Well, you will know if you’ve been following me for any length of time, that I get some hellacious UTIs.  These things are brutal.

It snuck up on me last Sunday morning. I woke up, went into the bathroom, and groaned, “Oh no…”. Sure enough, it was ‘on’. For me, after the first indication a UTI has taken hold, it is a matter of hours before I’m peeing blood and miserable.

Thankfully though, my awesome doc always gives me a script for Cippro whenever I go to see him. He knows there is no point in waiting to make an appointment just to get a prescription when I already know what I’ve got. and what I need.

It got me thinking though, as it always does: What did people do before antibiotics? Well, they often just suffered and died. That’s the start reality of life, and a reason to be incredibly thankful for something as simple as antibiotics.


Unfortunately, some of these bacterial infections are becoming resistant to the current antibiotics.

I began a search for viable alternatives to antibiotics. I’m a huge fan of HoneyColony (see sidebar), as they generally produce high quality, well-tested, alternative solutions to traditional medicine.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of HoneyColony. This costs no one anything extra, it just helps me out a little if there is a purchase.

That being said, I’ve been interested in one of their products for a while. It’s called ‘Silver Surfer’, and is said to be a powerful antibiotic solution that bacteria is unable to develop a resistance to.

A really interesting article, How to Conquer Superbugs and Parasites helped to get me interested in checking this product out.

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Drug Resistance And Bacterial Infections ~ What Happens If Your 'Go To' Stops Working?


Drug Resistance And Bacterial Infections~What Happens If Your ‘Go To’ Stops Working?

  • Don’t take unnecessary medication. Antibiotics WILL NOT work on VIRAL infections like: Mono (EBV), common cold, flu, ect.

  • Save taking antibiotics for yourself (and especially for your children) for when there is a DEFINITE need, (determined by a licenced healthcare provider) meaning BACTERIAL INFECTIONS. There was a time when doctors prescribed medication, even if not needed, often because people would expect to leave the Dr.’s office with an RX for themselves or their children. This ‘over-medicating’ is part of what is leading to the resistance epidemic.

  • PREVENTION IS THE BEST MEDICINE! Take care of yourself through diet and healthy lifestyle choices as much as possible. Help to eliminate the cause, and therefore the need for antibiotics.

  • Look into viable alternatives, like ‘Silver Surfer’ :

Silver Surfer natural antibiotic


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    March 20 at 5:09 pm

    How timely is this? I’ve had an infection, on and off, but mostly on, since early November. It started with the tooth infection / jaw dislocation, then developed into a UTI, never had one before and it was horrible. Then I got a Candida. My lymph nodes were swollen throughout my entire body, and I just avoided being hospitalized. I am definitely going to look into this honey, I never want to go through that again. It was four months of absolute torture. LOL but seriously.

    • Reply
      March 27 at 12:12 pm

      UGH! Our chronic illnesses do play havoc with our immune systems don’t they?! I hope you’re doing much better now Nikki! Love to you! ♥♥♥

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