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The Gift Of Independance With Daily Living Aids From ‘NRS Healthcare’

  • This is a collaborative post: The following is a sponsored post written for NRS Healthcare. Although I have received payment to write this post, all opinions in this review remain my own, and I was in no way influenced by either of the aforementioned companies.

Dignity of life can be directly correlated to an individual’s sense of independence.

In my last post I spoke on the importance of nurturing dignity in oneself and others. One’s sense of self-reliance is absolutely vital to this idea. Having to depend solely on others to make it through the day can wear on a person’s impression of their self-worth.

Last night I was speaking with a man who is 92 years old. As we spoke, he reminisced about the days he and his wife would spontaneously get in the car and drive wherever the road took them. He talked about how they would play something they called the ‘left/right’ game. Depending on where they were, they would take 6 rights and 3 turns left to see where they would end up on their journey. He said, “You would be amazed at the interesting, wonderful places you can end up if you just keep an open mind and adventurous heart at hand.”

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However, his conversation was not simply consigned to the past. He went on to tell me all about how he spends his days now. Although his mobility and activities are understandably limited by the realities of the effects of age on his body, he stays extremely active. He fixes lawn mowers at no charge for senior citizens in his area, he still shovels his own snow, and gets around quite well with the use of his cane & other implements designed to meet his personal needs. In other words, he makes use of ‘daily living aids’.

The Gift Of Independance Through Daily Living Aids From 'NRS Healthcare


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You or someone you know may need a little help managing the activities of day-to-day living. Whether it is simply the result of advanced age (like my friend mentioned above), or due to the limitations of chronic illness, ‘daily living aids’ help. Included among these are various tools and gadgets that help those who are physically challenged to maintain a lifestyle they both enjoy and are accustomed to.

There is a wonderful company based out of the United Kingdom called NRS Healthcare that specializes in exactly these type of aids. Download this simple and free PDF to take a gander at all the wonderful products available designed to improve your quality of life & help you to gain your freedom back! If you see something that interests you, simply click on the product title for more information.

So, how can these daily living aids help you to achieve your goals of liberation?:

The Gift Of Independence With Daily Living Aids From ‘NRS Healthcare’

  • Social Events~ Is there a party or family gathering you thought you would be unable to attend due to traveling difficulties, or because you ‘have nothing to wear’? Check out the ‘Travel Essentials’ section for solutions, and see the comfortable, stylish fashions available under ‘The Abel Label’~

  • Holiday Meals ~ Love to cook like I do, but find the tools needed difficult, or painful to use now? Peruse the gadgets available under ‘Christmas Dinner’.  You may finally be able to create magical Christmas-Time meals like you used to, with less discomfort and greater ease~

  • Games & Hobbies ~ Have you abandoned a much beloved past time due to physical restrictions? NRS Healthcare has quite a few products to get you back on your ‘game’!


I hope you and ‘yours’ all have a truly blessed and wonderful holiday season! ~ Kristinefaviconbutterflywalwrcopy

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    December 20 at 12:33 pm

    Thank you for your articles. I am off my pain meds in anticipation of an endometrial biopsy tomorrow and I wanted them to work really well. I also went off my hormone replacement just in case I do have an estrogen fed malignancy. This has made me realize how it was when I was first diagnosed and was in so much pain. As long as I don’t do anything I am fine, but who wants to sit around all day on a heating pad? I now realize how good I had it! Praying the biopsy is negative and I can go back on hormones (and my pain medication)!

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      December 20 at 5:10 pm

      You are so welcome Cheryl! Keep me informed on your biopsy results. I hope you get your results soon, and can get back on your meds! Good luck♥

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