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Asthma App ~ Help With Tracking & Managing Your Asthma Symptoms

  • “This is a sponsored post for Asthma Health Storylines App. I have been compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

I have dealt with asthma for approximately 40 years. I can remember when I was little, being taken by surprise by the sudden feeling of not being able to breathe.

When I was young I did not understand what caused these episodes. Now that I am older, I know that most events in the body have to do with ’cause’ and ‘effect’. As a result of this knowledge, I have set out to discover the where, what, when, and whys of my asthmatic episodes.

The Asthma App from Health Storylines is a perfect tool to help me accomplish this goal. I have been able to make use of several of the app’s features in order to try to track the causes of my asthmatic episodes, and to keep a record of the symptoms leading up to my attacks. As a result, I have been able to see certain patterns emerge that will hopefully help to prevent, or at least lessen the severity of my future episodes.

For me, it always starts off as a ‘tickle’ in my throat, that turns into a need to cough, and finally ends up with the sensation that my throat has closed up to the size of a pin hole. What follows is hours (or all night) of wheezing, and not being able to breathe freely.

Lately I was noticing that my attacks were moderate to severe after working in the garage. With all the many symptoms I have to discuss with my doctor along with a limited amount of time to do so, it has been invaluable to keep track of my symptoms on the app.

It also allows me to make additional notes under my symptom tracker so that my doctor can get a better overall view of what is going on. Whereas before I would just write down a symptom on a piece of paper without any elaboration. Now, I am able to present my physician a more rounded view in relation to the individual problem.

Of course, me being who I am, LOVE the fact that the Asthma App from Health Storylines also includes the emotional and mental aspect involved in physical illness. The mind and the body are interconnected. This is something that both the medical establishment, as well as we ourselves have a tendency to either overlook or set aside.

For instance, I notice that about three days before I get a severe migraine I usually get a feeling of heavy depression. This is not necessarily attached to any one incident. It is just a vague, ‘down’ feeling. More often than not, I will get a whopper of a migraine for around three days following.

My Asthma App allows me to track my moods and emotions in connection to my condition. It will be interesting to see if any patterns emerge in relation to a particular mood and subsequent asthma attack. You never know what seemingly weird and/or unrelated incidences can surround a physical problem.

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The folks at Health Storylines have also included a link to the Asthma Control Test PDF that can accessed through the app. Here I am able to take the test, and download the results right before my appointment. If I get a score of 19 or higher, I’m in trouble. Even if the score is not that high, at least it gives my doctor another resource for tracking the progress of my condition.

It also shows I am pro-active in my healthcare management. This is something most health care professionals love to see. Anytime I can earn a little extra ‘cred’ with my doctor, I’m down!

There is SO much more to the Asthma App from Health Storylines. I highly recommend downloading it to your device, and giving it a try for yourself. It is FREE, and has been a tremendous help with tracking and managing my asthma control needs.

Asthma App ~ Help With Tracking & Managing Your Asthma Symptoms


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