About Me

Born in Alabama, raised in the Bay Area, currently living in the high Sonoran Desert.


I live in Phoenix with my husband of 30 years (high school sweethearts!), and my corgi of 6.

Like most people, I thought of 50 as ‘OLD’ & ‘One foot in the grave’!

At the risk of sounding cliche, ‘age’ really is a mindset. Health is a crapshoot, but being ‘old’ is a choice.

No, you can’t stop the body from aging, but as you age, your ‘mind’ can be better than it was at 20/30/40!

I’m LOVING 50, and wouldn’t go back to any other time in my life for all the treasures in the world!

Come along with me as we travel with all the wanderlust of those who’ve made it this far, and are learning to let go of the things that kept us chained down in the past…

Ready? Let’s go!…