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5 Simple Guidelines For Older Women And Tattoos

Jack London once said: “Show me a man with a tattoo, and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past”.

I say, “Show me an older woman with a tattoo, and I’ll show you a woman with a story to tell”.

As older women, we tend to develop a ‘thoughtfulness’, and a ‘methodic purpose’ to the decisions we make.

I always knew I would eventually get a tattoo…eventually.

For me, there was 10 years of active contemplation before I was ready to pull the trigger.

My conviction is: Something as personal and permanent as a tattoo, deserves your highest level of deliberation.

Tattoos can be a storyboard of hardship, accomplishments, trauma, joy, and sorrow.

They tell tales of the past, present, and future through the skill of the artist’s needle.

If you are considering (or have been considering for some time) a tattoo, here are a few recommendations to help along the way:

5 Simple Guidelines For Older Women And Tattoos

  1. Take at least 1 year before you pull the trigger on a design. What catches your eye as ‘interesting’ or ‘cute’ today, may change within a few weeks or months. Think, think, and re-think before deciding on your tat. Make sure what you look at today will be what you want to still see 10/15/20 years from now.

  2. Research the artistic style that speaks to you, then research who is skilled in that aesthetic in your area. Many people will even travel far and wide in order to get the type of design they have in mind. A quick Google search will show you what is available near you. Most good tattoo shops have excellent websites that showcase the various artist’s work to aid in finding the best fit for you & your future tattoo.

  3. If you have any hesitation at all…DON’T DO IT! Tattoos are wonderful, and I love mine! That being said, I had come to terms with altering a part of my skin…for the rest of my life! Make sure you do the same. At this point in life, you probably have enough ‘regrets’…Don’t add to your list!

  4. In relation to #3, this is why it is paramount to find the perfect tattoo artist for you! DO NOT be afraid, or hesitant to walk away at any point in the process (at least until the tattoo gun is doing its work). Make sure the design they show you is EXACTLY the way you want it. NOW is not the time for timidity, or fear of hurting the artist’s ‘feelings’. Rather,this is the point where you ‘tweak’ anything that does not meet your expectations. Yeah, it could feel awkward, but better a few moments of ‘awkward’, then a lifetime of remorse! Believe me, a good artist wants you to be up front and bold in verbalizing exactly what you want.

  5. Above all: Tell your tale with sincerity, truth, & beauty! You are the canvas on which your story is spoken…tell it with a ‘courageous’ & ‘pure’ intent!

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