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3 Simple Steps To Finding The Perfect Doctor

If you were able to pick the perfect doctor based on only 3 things, what would they be?

Time to share my 3 simple step to finding the perfect doctor.

Why? Because once again, I find myself with the unenviable task of having to find a new physician.

I LOVED my former doctor.

He was never just a doctor, he was also a healer.

But, two weeks ago I received I received a text message from him for reasons I will not go into here, that he will be unable to see patients from this point on.

UGH!...Now what?!?

Well, its back to the drawing board.

With any luck, and hopefully a good referral from my former doc, I will once again find an excellent physician here in the Phoenix area.

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3 Simple Steps To Finding The Perfect Doctor

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH ~ Use Angie’s List (membership fee), or a free service like Health Grades in order to look up professional information as well as patient reviews before you even decide to make an initial appointment. We live in an age of instant information. Like no other time in history, tools such as these provide us with the ability to make informed decisions while saving precious time and money that would otherwise be spent ‘doctor hunting’.

  2. KEYWORD GOOGLE SEARCH ~ Again, make it easier on yourself by using the internet tools available to you. Instead of going through the hassle of seeing a doctor who may or may not believe your symptoms (or who may not even acknowledge FMS as a real disease), Google: ‘Fibromyalgia doctors in the {insert your city name}’… This will provide you with a list of physicians who deal with FMS patients on a regular basis.

  3. DON’T ‘FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT’ ~ If the ‘chemistry’ isn’t there on your initial visit, don’t bother going back. The doctor/patient relationship is just that, a relationship. The progress of your health & wellness journey is only as good as the trust and rapport between you and your healthcare partner/provider. There are far too many options available to you to have to settle for less than you deserve regarding your healthcare needs.

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Wish me luck, and happy hunting to us all!

3 Simple Steps To Finding The Perfect Doctor

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  • Reply
    Cat aka TimeyWimeyGirl7
    May 10 at 8:37 am

    Hi! I’m sorry that you have to find a new doctor! I literally feel your pain.
    Quick couple Of things:
    Angie’s list now has a Free option
    Vitals is also a good site for patient reviews & doc info

    When we moved here in August I had to start from scratch. I didn’t really truly realize the number of doctors I have until I had to find new ones. All at the same time! I spent months of wasted hours in doctor appointments. That being said, the first pain Doc I went to didn’t prescribe anything at all for pain for fibro(it’s just my office policy…..yea that helped). The next doc had an unpleasant attitude but honestly I was afraid to switch again because I didn’t want problems with my prescription. Luckily, he only sees the patient on their first visit. The next was a PA I liked to call “granola crunchy”. Seemed like he believed that if i tried real hard I could wish it away and later got frustrated when it became clear that he didn’t know my history & everything he was suggesting I had tried. I then asked for a different doctor & was switched to a lovely woman who I waited 3 hours for 15 mins of her
    Time. Luckily, she wasn’t available the next time she wanted to see me and I switched again. This time to the perfect doc for me. He’s fast but thorough. Takes his time with his patients while also keeping close to schedule. He is my new partner in health. I am over the moon thrilled. We changed my meds to a bupenorphen(prob spelled wrong) compounded with LDN. I haven’t felt this good in 5 years since I was diagnosed. Obviously it’s not a cure and I still have some major limitations. My old life is gone but my new life has less pain. Now we just have to get my muscle spasms under control. (They are kicking my @ss) but I have a doc I can trust now.

    I was lucky and had a great doc to start with from before I was even diagnosed. I got scared I wouldn’t find another health partner. I guess it was just my turn to have to be patient and look hard.

    I 100% agree that if you see a doc and don’t hit it off to switch docs. Sometimes, like me, you can do so right there in the same

    I wish you Godspeed in finding a new doc! Feel as pain less as you can.! (((((Gentle hugs)))))))

    • Reply
      May 11 at 9:46 am

      Thanks Cat!! And THANK you so much for the info at the begininning! I’m glad Angies List is offering a ‘free’ option. That’s good to know for those on limited incomes.
      Glad you are feeling better, that’s AWESOME! β™₯

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